Our Student Advisory Board


Adya Srinivasan 



Adya Srinivasan is a sophomore at Innovation Academy and has declared Healthcare as her pathway. She is a proud member of Beta Club, HOSA, and the Head of PR of the Spanish National Honors Society. Adya enjoys dancing, acting, and creating short films in her free time. She also likes to watch TV, read books, and hang out with her friends.



Ally Davis



Ally Davis is a junior at Innovation Academy. She enjoys art, watching TV and riding horses in her free time. Ally is in the engineering pathway. 


Anish Kelam



Anish Kelam is a freshman at Innovation Academy. He enjoys volunteering, watching movies and TV shows, as well as reading. His hobbies include playing chess and camping. His favorite subjects are math and biology. He is part of Academic Bowl and TSA. He plans to enroll in the IT pathway during his sophomore year.


Cayden Walsh



Cayden Walsh is a junior at Innovation Academy.  He has declared IT as his pathway and enjoys all things programming. Cayden has pursued independent study of numerous programming languages, is proficient in JavaScript and Python and enjoys App and Web development.    He has played violin since 4th grade and is a member of the Alpharetta Youth Symphony Orchestra (AYSO).   His favorite class is AP Computer Science Principles, and he loves math.   Cayden is a member of the Episcopal Youth Community of the Diocese of Atlanta (EYCDIOATL) where he serves as a Happening retreat group leader.   Cayden enjoys biking, hanging out with friends, and his cat Sam.


Chloe Sun



Chloe Sun is a sophomore at Innovation Academy. She enjoys competing in dance and playing violin in the Atlanta Youth Symphony Orchestra. In her free time, she likes to play with her puppy named Teddy. She is in the IT pathway, and is treasurer of TSA. 


Chloe Holmes



Chloe Holmes is a sophomore at Innovation Academy, and she is in the IT pathway. Her favorite subjects are literature and history, and she is a proud member of Beta, Student Council, and Fashion club. In her free time, she likes to read, play piano, play tennis, and work on various art projects. She also loves to travel. Eating delicious food and learning new languages are two of her favorite things about traveling.


Claxton Jobmann



Claxton Jobmann is a junior at Innovation Academy and has declared engineering as his pathway. His interests include camping and outdoor adventures, scuba diving, reading, and marksmanship. He is involved in various leadership roles in the community including Trail Life, church, and cotillion. And he loves a good roller coaster from time to time!



David Hightower



David Hightower is a sophimore at Innovation Academy.  He enjoys engineering & learning German.  When not in school, David works on projects and learning about NASA & rocketry.  He is part of TSA as well as Beta Club.  He is leaning towards mechanical engineering.


Ethan Werner



Ethan Werner is a sophomore at Innovation Academy.  He has declared engineering as his pathway following in the footsteps of his grandfather who was an engineer for the US Airforce.  Ethan plays AYBA baseball at Wills Park.  Baseball is his favorite sport to play, but he loves to watch football.  He is a Captain of the IA Esports team for Rocket League for which he represented IA at the state play offs last year.  He is a second-year member of the Student Advisory Committee with his two favorite PTSO events being the Alpharetta Scarecrow Festival and the Phoenix Fest.  His favorite PTSO member is Lorri Werner (no relation)!  His favorite class is ATVF.  Those who know Ethan knows he loves to talk.  Combining his love for the chit chat, sports and ATVF, Ethan has decided his dream job is to be a sports announcer.



Grady Waple



Grady Waple is a junior at IA. He is in the Healthcare pathway. His interests include music, photography, and graphic design. Grady is a member of the Music Tech club, HOSA, and Beta. His favorite subject is AP Seminar.


Hayden Black



Hayden Black is a sophomore at IA high school. He attended Autrey Mill middle school. He enjoys reading, video games, tennis, and hanging out with his friends. He is in both the Anime club and the DnD club. His favorite subject is math and he also enjoys biology. He plans to enroll in the healthcare pathway during his sophomore year. 




Jorah Mackey 



Jorah Mackey is a sophomore at Innovation Academy. She enjoys reading, shopping, playing with her dog, sleeping, and playing volleyball.  She is in Black Student Union and HOSA, her favorite subject is math. She plans to enroll in healthcare essentials in sophomore year.


Julia Jobmann



Julia Jobmann is a sophomore at Innovation Academy. She has declared engineering as her pathway for next year. She enjoys hiking, scuba diving, playing the piano, serving in her church and community, painting, and baking and she is always up for trying something new. Additionally, Julia is a year-round competitive swimmer and co-founder of the baking club. It is her desire to one day study marine biology.


Katherine Zoe Sorensen



Katherine Zoe Sorensen is a 11th grader at IA. She is looking forward to participating in the Engineering and IT pathways next year.  She is active in the Interact, HOSA, and D&D clubs.




Lakshana Ramanan



Lakshana Ramanan is a junior at Innovation Academy. She is currently in the Healthcare Pathway and plans to become a neurosurgeon in the future. In school her favorite subjects are math and science because of the interactive labs and lessons that make class more fun. She is the club leader of DNA Club, an IA Ambassador, and part of HOSA, Interact Club, and Girl Up. Also, she designed the school mascot, the phoenix, which is being developed. In her free time, she loves to draw, listen to music, volunteer, and go running.


Prarthana Bhaaradwaj



Prarthana Bhaaradwaj is a sophomore at Innovation Academy.  She enjoys reading, dance and playing the viola. In her free time she also enjoys writing poetry. She is one of the founding members of the FEM club. Her favorite subjects are Literature and AP Gov. She is leaning towards the biotechnology track under the healthcare pathway.


Robert Mosley - Day 



Robert Mosley-Day is a sophomore in the engineering track. He lives in Sandy Springs with my parents,brother and sister. This is his first year on the Student Advisory Council. He hopes to make a meaningful impact for IA history. He plans on studying mechanical engineering in college. 

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