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It's time to Join IA PTSO

7/10/2023 8:40 am


Click here to JOIN!!!


Email: info@iaptso.org

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @iaptoso

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/innovation-academy-ptso/


Why Join the PTSO?


The IA PTSO is a non-profit Parent/Teacher/Student Organization supporting FCS Innovation Academy, supporting social & academic pursuits at Innovation Academy.


We are responsible for the student-life programming:

  • Teacher Grants
  • Phoenix Fest
  • International Nights
  • Senior Scholarship funding (Students must be members EACH YEAR to apply.)
  • Campus improvements such as outdoor Launch Pad picnic tables, microwaves, and benches.
  • Spirit Wear line including Pathway lines at affordable prices
  • Sponsored Flex Fridays for each Pathway.  October Sky, Hackathon, Mass Casualty events.
  • On and off site experiences (ex. author events, speakers, field trips)
  • Student support (ex. treats during finals and AP exams)
  • Senior Activities
  • Teacher Appreciation and Hospitality
  • Weekly Newsletter

Giving Levels

For member benefits and programming funded at each level, please see the Membership Store HERE

  • Out of This World - $1,000 (Family Membership)
  • Exosphere - $500 (Up to 4 Memberships including students)
  • Thermosphere - $250 (Up to 4 Memberships including students) 
  • Mesosphere - $100 (Up to 2 Adult Memberships)
  • Stratosphere - $50 (One Adult Membership)
  • Troposphere - $25 (One Adult Membership early bird special discounted through September 30th only)
  • Student - $10


Our membership goal for the school year 2023/2024 is a minimum of 80% of families and 100% of staff.

Social Media

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